Important Information For Exhibitors

    DAY   TIME
  Stand setup period from November 18, 2024 09:00 to November 19, 2024 24:00
Halls are open 24 hours during built up period
  Standard stand construction delivery November 19, 2024   19:00
  Starting of the exhibition November 20, 2024   10:00
  End of the exhibition November 22, 2024   18:00
  Dismantling period November 22, 2024 (19:00-00:00) / November 23, 2024 (09:00-20:00)
  November 20, 2024 11:00-18:00
  November 21, 2024 10:00-18:00
  November 22, 2024 10:00-18:00
  Submission of approved (by a licensed civil engineer) stand projects for two-storey exhibition stands September 20, 2024
  Submission of dimensioned stand projects to a scale of 1:100 for approval October 4, 2024
  Deadline for submission of order froms September 20, 2024

During the set-up and settlement period, exhibitors should be present at their stands to take the delivery of their exhibition materials. Delivery and unloading will be allowed through the exits determined by EKO MMI. EKO MMI cannot take delivery of any goods on behalf of the exhibitors or does not take any responsibility for the protection of the goods. Only small pieces or goods which do not have damage risk are recommended to be unpacked at the exhibition area. Exhibitors are advised to communicate the official transport company for unpacking the bulky exhibition materials outside the exhibition area and carrying them to their stands.

No exhibition materials are allowed to be carried into or out of the exhibition area during the exhibition hours.

During the emptying process, any dismantling, removal or storage expenses as well as theft, risk, loss or damage costs are in the charge of the exhibitor.

After the emptying and dismantling period is over, the exhibition materials left at the exhibition area might be taken out by EKO MMI and the related costs are invoiced to the exhibitor. The exhibitors must leave their stands or stand places in the form they were delivered to them.  Any expenses for picking up any materials or waste left by the exhibitors or their stand constructors will be invoiced to the exhibitor.



General building rules


Standard Construction Stands
The exhibitor may ask EKO MMI to be in charge of the construction of their stand against payment. EKO MMI shall meet such requests within the framework of the Participation Contract.

“Standard Stand” constructed by EKO MMI is a 3 meters high structure in the desired dimensions, with aluminum profiles, white wooden separation panels and upper junction profiles with or without separation, having 75 watt light for every three square meters, displaying the logo of the company on the front of panel. Full Service Package stand is a 3 meters high construction with aluminum panels in the requested design standard, rail cargo Turkey, air cargo Turkey or national (Country). White wooden separation panels and upper junction profiles with or without separation, having 75 watt light for every three square meters, displaying the logo of the company on the front of panel. There are 4 packages of Full Service Package. The 12-18 sqm stand package includes 1 storage room 1m x 1m, 1 table, 4 chairs, 1 brochure rack, 1 bar stool, 1 counter,1 wastepaper basket, daily stand cleaning, 5 exhibitor passes and premium catalogue package. The 20-27 sqm stand package includes 1 storage room 1m x 1m, 2 tables,8 chairs, 2 brochure rack, 1 bar stool, 1 counter,1 wastepaper basket, daily stand cleaning, 10 exhibitor passes and premium catalogue package. The 28 sqm and above stand package includes 1 storage room 1m x 1 m, 3 tables, 12 chairs, 3 brochure rack, 2 bar stool, 1 counter, 1 wastepaper basket, daily stand cleaning, 15 exhibitor passes and premium catalogue package.

Those plans or projects which are not in accordance with the technical specifications and security regulations, may be dismissed completely or modified by EKO MMI both of which will be at the expense of the participant.

The exhibitor must submit their written request for standard stand construction to EKO MMI at least 15 days prior to the opening date of the exhibition. Any request submitted later than the said deadline will be met as per the evaluation by EKO MMI of the factors restraining the material and service supplies.

EKO MMI shall deliver the standard stand to the exhibitor as indicated on the time schedule. The exhibitor is obliged to have the stand delivered by EKO MMI, ready for the exhibition as indicated on the time schedule.

The exhibitor is not allowed to make perforations, drive nails, paint, or stick things with glue in the stand area, on the aluminum profiles and wooden panels or use any kind of adhesive other than double sided/ non marking ones. Any damaged material will be invoiced to the exhibitor.

When constructing the stand and disposing the goods to be displayed, the exhibitor must comply with the conditions related to the height limits and the height restrictions in between the halls.

Stands to be constructed by exhibitors
The exhibitor who signed 'Space Only' Contract, is obliged to have their stand constructed provided that they will bear the entire responsibility and have the internal decoration expenses met on their own account. The exhibitor may work by a supplier of their own choice (hereinafter referred to as the "contractor"). The exhibitor
who signed 'Space Only Contract' is obliged to inform EKO MMI within the given time, about electricity need for their stand with the relevant form on the official web site. Otherwise electricity shall not be provided on the stand area. The exhibitor must inform the contractor of all relevant clauses of the contract. EKO MMI shall be
entitled to stop activities of contractors acting in violation of the contract.

The maximum allowed height for stand construction is 5.00 meters. There is height restriction of certain areas inside the halls. The approval must be obtained from EKO MMI about the stand height.

The stand design concept should conform with the type of stand rented (island, end, corner or row stand). To maintain the exhibition's character as a communications platform and work exhibition, exhibitors must make sure that their stands have an open design. EKO MMI is entitled to prescribe changes in stand design in connection with this.

Stand designs can only be approved if the open sides of the stand have a uniformly open design. Erecting closed walls is permitted, provided they do not take up more than 70 % of the stand side in question, and completely closed walls may be no more than 4.00 m in length. A closed length of wall measuring 4.00 m must be followed by an opening at least 2.00 m wide. This ruling does not apply if the wall concerned is set back from the stand perimeter by at least 2.00 m. EKO MMI reserves the right to permit exceptions to these guidelines in individual, well-founded cases.

Advertising hoardings that extend above the walls of the stand must be at least 2.00 m away from the immediately adjacent stand. Advertising may not feature flashing or alternating lights. The stand design must not be extended over the aisles. EKO MMI reserves the right to allow exceptions to this ruling in individual.

The exhibitor that has the taller of two adjacent stands must cover the side of adjacent to the neighboring stand with a separation material that is compliant to health and safety standards. The exhibitor must not violate the rights of third parties when doing so. The rear side of the walls of the constructed stand must be of a neutral design, white, smooth and clean. Only such materials as are opaque and impervious to light are permitted for this purpose (no textiles).

The exhibitor must have the architectural designs of the intended stand construction approved by EKO MMI on the date specified in the time schedule. Otherwise, construction of the stand will not be allowed. EKO MMI is entitled to inspect whether or not the project is in conformity entitled to inspect whether or not the project is in conformity with the general structure, to propose changes, or to reject it. The parcel to be allocated to the exhibitor without stand construction shall be delivered by EKO MMI to the exhibitor or their designated
contractor with a number and the corners marked by color paint, 2 days before the exhibit starts at 15:00.

The exhibitor is obliged to complete their stand construction and the internal decoration by midnight, the day before the opening date of the exhibition.

The Exhibitor and the decorator have to obey general rules indicated in the participation contract, should not prevent the operation of any water, electricity, pressured air, communication lines, water circuit systems on the fair ground neither fire boards or ventilation systems.



Two-storey stand construction


Two-storey stand construction Project in accordance with the related terms and as approved by a licensed civil engineer, must be submitted to EKO MMI latest by 2 (two) months before the exhibition starts. An additional contract must be signed for the construction of two-storey stands.

1. Application for planning permission
Two-storey exhibition stands can only be built providing prior approval has been granted by EKO MMI exhibition management responsible for the given project and the technical exhibition services division. Approval is also dependent on the required position in the hall and the floor space needed. An essential factor in the approval process is what effect the given two-storey stand will have on the design and transparency of the hall as well as on neighbouring stands.
2. Height of stand structures, conditions applying to covered stand areas, height of internal stand areas, minimum distances 
The clearance height in internal areas of two-storey stands must be at least 2.40 m on both the lower and upper floors.
A sprinkler system needs to be installed if the covered stand area exceeds 30 m2, with one sprinkler unit to be installed for every 12 m2 of covered space or part thereof. All rooms are to be encompassed by the sprinkler system.
The minimum distance for stairways, open cabins, terraces / catering areas to the edge of aisles is 1.00 m and to the perimeter of a neighbouring stand 3.00 m. If it is impossible to maintain the minimum distance to the neighbouring stand, some form of screening of at least 2.00 m in height is to be erected in the area concerned for privacy purposes.
3. Working loads/Load assumptions
The working load of the floor of the upper storey of a two-storey stand within an exhibition hall must comply with DIN 1055 Part 3, Table 1 as follows: If the storey is used for meetings and customer service purposes, i.e. it is furnished with tables and chairs in a free arrangement or in the form of meeting cabins, it must withstand a working load of 3.0 kN/m2. Unlimited use as an exhibition or sales area, as an assembly room with or without rows of chairs, the floor of the upper storey must be able to withstand a working load of 5.0 kN/m2. The respective use made of it must be marked clearly in the plans submitted for approval purposes.
Stairways must always be able to withstand working loads of 5.0 kN/m2. Balustrades and banisters must be designed to withstand loads of 1 kN/m at handrail height. Proof must be provided that the pressure applied by the supports does not exceed the maximum permissible pressure the hall floor can withstand.
4. Escape routes/Stairways
On two-storey stands with an area covered by the upper storey of up to 100 m2, only one stairway is required. The stairway must emerge beyond the covered area of the stand. The length of any escape route from the upper floor to a main hall aisle on the ground floor may not exceed 25 m.
The stairway used for this purpose may not be of a spiral or helical type. The height of the riser may not exceed 0.19 m and the tread depth no less than 0.26 m.
Stairways require a minimum clear width of 1 m.
On stands with an upper storey area in excess of 100 m2, at least two stairways are required to be located at opposite ends of the stand. One of the two stairways must emerge beyond the covered area of the stand.
In the case of multi-storey stand structures in the outdoor exhibition area, each main unit used on each
storey must be equipped with two separate escape routes. An exit out into the open air may be no further than 35 m from any point on the stand.
Each storey must be equipped with at least one exit leading out into the open air designed such that it can be used without risk as an escape route (with its own stairway or outside staircase.
All stairways should be designed to comply with DIN 18065. No items may be stored or shelving installed in areas on or under stairways without risers.
Handrails must offer a secure grip and be of a continuous nature.
5. Building materials
On two-storey exhibition stands, load-bearing components, ground floor ceilings and upper storey floors must be made of at least fire-retardant (according to DIN 4102 or EN DIN 13501-1) building materials. Floor coverings, wall panelling and ceilings can be made of such building materials as are allowed and normally used for stand-building purposes. Anchoring materials to the floors in the halls is not permitted. Two-storey stands are to be designed in such a way that they can be constructed, equipped and dismantled within the stand construction and dismantling periods set for the given event.
General statutory building regulations require compliance. EKO MMI also reserves the right to impose further requirements in respect of safety and fire prevention until such time as acceptance of the given stand has been granted.
6. Upper storey
All rooms used by staff (offices, recreation rooms, meeting rooms, etc.) must offer an adequately clear view of the nearest escape route and the path leading to same.
The bottom of any balustrades must be fitted with skirting of at least 0.05 m in height as well as knee-high skirting, grid or solid panelling or similar to prevent persons from falling. To prevent objects (e.g. glasses) from being placed on balustrades where they can easily fall off, the handrails or the tops of the balustrades must be appropriately shaped e.g. circular or semi-circular.
Balustrades should be designed and constructed in compliance with item 3.
No areas located on the upper floor may have a closed ceiling or canopy. Metal grids with openings
measuring 1 cm x 1 cm are permitted. Inclusive of lighting units, the open area of the upper-storey ceiling must comprise at least 70% of the floor area.



Stand activities


Fully equipped stands should be under the supervision of the exhibitors during the exhibition. Exhibitors should avoid activities that might disturb the visitors or the other exhibitors in any way. Exhibitors that want to perform visual and audial promotional activities have to inform EKO MMI 30 days before the exhibition starts. Promotional activities should be limited within the exhibitor's stand area.
During the promotional activities, the sound level shall be set in order not to exceed 70 decibels within the limits of the stands. Any exhibitor failing to fulfill this obligation will be warned by EKO MMI authorities. In the event whereby the warning is not heeded within five minutes, the electric power of the stand shall be cut for two hours. The exhibitor shall be responsible for any damages related to such a power cut.



Measures against Fire


Exhibitors are responsible for training their own staff on how to use the fire extinguishers and fire exits. Exhibitors, who require special measures against fire due to the natural structure of their goods or equipment, should take the necessary measures beforehand. Emergency fire exits, fire cabinets and alarm buttons can in no way be closed or blocked.





The below named activities are prohibited:
I. Promotion or display of any products belonging to a company which is not an exhibitor.
II. Keeping of any explosives within the exhibition area.
III. Blocking the places indicated in the technical layouts such as fire cabinets, fire exits, cameras' visual angles and air vents
IV. Authorization from EKO MMI is required for photography or recording of any film/voice.
V. For whatever reason, it is prohibited to use any flying balloons.
VI. Taken, offering or consuming alcoholic beverages at the fairground is strictly forbidden.